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Music Is My Aeroplane

Here are a two songs that have really stuck with me over the years. Metallica – Bleeding Me I’m digging my way I’m digging my way to something I’m digging my way to something better I’m pushing to stay I’m pushing to stay with something I’m pushing to stay with something better I’m sowing the … Continue reading

Deck The Walls

I live in and old Queenslander style house, high set, cut into a hill in my home town. Internal tongue and groove walls with a weatherboard exterior. Paint flaking on the internal walls from old age. Old style casement windows that are hard to open and close due to ground movement. While it is showing it … Continue reading


Well I must admit that I’m not very good at dealing with Cringe-Worthy or Embarrassing moments. Doesn’t matter if its on the television, a movie, on the radio or even in real life. The person being embarrassed may have had it coming or it might just be a gee up (setup). I don’t know what … Continue reading

What Revolution will you lead?

As per previous posts there are a lot of things I would like to change in the world. When I think about them as a whole the seem overwhelming and insurmountable. But if you break them down into small pieces they don’t seem so daunting. The questions is where do I start? I have previously … Continue reading

What difference do you want to make?

I think first and foremost i would like to be able to have a positive impact on the lives of my family,  friends and all the people I come in contact with. It spent need to be life altering even though that would be good, but in a way that would touch them that didn’t … Continue reading

What is your elevator pitch?

  When you sit back and let your consciousness go,  let go of your doubts, your fears,  distractions, the day to day to do lists and tap into your subconscious mind the possibilities will become endless. “Change creates problems, problems lead to solutions, solutions lead to change.” Anthony Robbins Everything becomes possible, long forgotten dreams, … Continue reading

What Makes Myself Angry About The World?

Well there is a lot that I get angry, feel frustrated about. Whenever you read the newspapers or watch the news it always seems to be the same things you see gun violence, Animal cruelty, corrupt/self serving politicians, Environmental pollution. Its always the same outcome with the offender especially if they are a business or … Continue reading

What’s the one thing you are proud of?

  I have spent a few days thinking about this the answer to this quality question. To be totally honest there is nothing to date that I would want to scream from the roof tops and let everyone know.  There is nothing that would separate myself from anything that everyone had already accomplished. I have … Continue reading

What Do People Thank You For?

  Today I write to you from Kangaroo Point,  beside the Brisbane river.  Cloudy with a view of the city. With the City Cats passing by, writing this blog and doing some goal setting. Still on a mission to discover my passion but normally my assistance is needed when repairs are needed to computers,  laptops, … Continue reading

Finding my why

I am on a voyage to discover more about myself, what makes me tick, my passions, my talents, what do I have to offer.Although early in its infancy  I am using this blog as a means to achieve enlightenment. But to be honest the journey of self discovery started a few years ago when I was probably … Continue reading