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Fight or Flight

This one relates back to my previous Cringe-Worthy post. Most likely the majority of the time it would be flight. One reason for this would be that I can be quite indifferent on a lot of issues, almost to a fault some would say. Its not that I’m unsympathetic or don’t care about their cause, but there would be a few exceptions.It could be that both sides have an equally compelling argument for their side. Or that I haven’t found a polarizing issue worth fighting for/over. There isn’t many issues that require myself to get too worked up over.

What if it is someone trying to assert their emotional need of significance over their spouse, partner or friend. If the other person does the same thing what then? If you are aware of the signs, or keep a cool head and focus on the issues and not what is being said then you have just saved yourself a bust up that my be view as flight. Or someone saying something that they immediately regret and/or public embarrassment.

Sometimes the other person will think they are right even though you know t hey are wrong. Some people can’t be told and need to find things out the hard way. No matter how much proof you have to the contrary. Occasionally I’ll let them get their way just to let them fail and work out they were wrong by themselves. Then you get the ones that will try and manipulate the facts to make themselves right, It’s always about them.

So in conclusion while flight maybe my  preference there are some good reasons. Like I have already pre thought about what I am doing or speaking to you about. I’m letting you know – not asking your advice. You opinion is irrelevant to myself and I have much better things  to spend my time on, rather than debate a dead point with someone. You only get a set amount of time and mine is valuable.

“Remember when arguing with an idiot, make sure they are not doing the same thing.”

Is there a time I wished that I’d had the opposite reaction?

Sure there is, although I can’t think of one right now.

But if I do happen to be arguing a point with you, rest assured that I am right, have strong opinion about it and care about your point of view.



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I'm on a journey of self discovery to find my why. More specifically finding my passion, that one thing that will keep you up late and get you up early in the morning. The journey has long been under way but has only just begun in earnest. I started this blog in conjunction the the Live Your Legend blog challenge as a way of finding my why. If you would like to follow my journey please do.



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