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35 Things you may not know about me

Vulnerability would certainly be one of my least favourite emotion or state. Therefore it is not something that I let myself be, basically next to never. Obviously as way to avoid pain, it is a lot easier to deflect attacks  when you are prepared. But the rewards are much sweeter if you are willing to put yourself on the line and be vulnerable.

Having said  that below I have listed 35 things that you may now know about myself.

  1. Gambit is my favourit x-men – Would always appear in the cartoons but until recently never in the movies. Even has his own movie coming out.
  2. I.T uni drop out – Dropped out to get a job supporting my then girlfriend.
  3. I like naps – I do try not to take them very often
  4. Tend to daydream alot – About everything and nothing all at the same time
  5. I always follow the rules and try to use that to my advantage
  6. I enjoy swimming even though I don’t do it very often
  7. Usually avoid confrontation – See fight or flight
  8. I can be stubborn at times
  9. I am a terrible dancer – Absolutely no rhythm
  10. I have no idea what my passion is – In the progress of discovering it
  11. I will stop to watch Fighter jets taking off/land and flying by
  12. I enjoy star gazing
  13. I prefer sunrises to sunsets
  14. I prefer to listen to music than watch tv
  15. Sometimes I want to be left alone
  16. Sometimes I want to be found
  17. I fear I’ll never be enough
  18. I love exercising/working out
  19. I’m always afraid I will make the wrong decision and second guess myself.
  20. I have never tried illegal drugs
  21. I have broken both arms and a wrist as a child
  22. At times I can be impatient
  23. I have the most inflexible body I know
  24. I enjoy gardening
  25. I do what I have to do, not what I love to do
  26. I am a James Bond movie tragic
  27. I am  the Aries star sign and read horoscopes for fun
  28. Enjoy adventures/outdoor activities
  29. Sometimes I settle for less than I am worth – I am slowly changing
  30. Try to live and uncomplicated life – clutter and drama free
  31. Reformed procrastinator
  32. Constantly fidgeting – spinning a pen around my thumb or  moving my foot
  33. I find it hard to let go of thoughts that don’t serve any purpose
  34. I unconsciously do  things the hard way
  35. I enjoy spending time with family



About My random thoughts

I'm on a journey of self discovery to find my why. More specifically finding my passion, that one thing that will keep you up late and get you up early in the morning. The journey has long been under way but has only just begun in earnest. I started this blog in conjunction the the Live Your Legend blog challenge as a way of finding my why. If you would like to follow my journey please do.


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