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I don’t normally remember wake up remembering the dreams I’ve had the night before unless they really shock myself into walking up during the dream. So mostly they are gone within a few minutes of waking up. But there have been two stand outs that come to mind. If I could remember more of them I could start a dream journal as well, that would be interesting.

The first was set in my home town not far from where I lived at the time. Which wasn’t too far from a creek or the river that runs through town. There was nobody else around during the dream, the sun was shining  but there was water lying around forming small lakes in the low lying areas. Just like I remembered from previous floods we have gone through.

I’m not sure what I was doing at the time but at some point a crocodile was chasing myself down the middle of the street. I wasn’t close to the water so I had no idea where it came from. But no matter how fast I ran and it kept on keeping up and gaining ground, just like in the horror flicks you see but with out the tripping on the invisible object. Eventually it caught up and just before it leapt to bite me I woke up.

It was quite terrifying at the time especially when you don’t know you are dreaming, it is oh so real. I have had this dream a few times no not for a good few years now. But what does it mean?

It could mean a couple of things

  • I’m afraid of confronting a fear
  • There is some underlying subconscious fear that I need to overcome
  • Could be a warning about imminent danger, or someone nearby doesn’t have my best interest at hear.
  • Could also be disappointments in love and business


Another recurring dream that I commonly remember due to its shock factor is where my teeth will crumble and fall out for no apparent reason. It usually happens when I’m brushing my teeth, normally set in the night or when I’m eating something.

Possible reasons

  • Symbolising change
  • Fear of losing something important
  • Concerned about appearance and how I’m perceived by people
  • Said something I later regretted
  • Fear of growing old
  • Should eat better

Could be a few things there but I haven’t had this particular dream for a while now. I don’t on a conscious level but at a subconscious level I do worry about how I’m perceived by people.

Still a creepy dream none the less when you look at it.




About My random thoughts

I'm on a journey of self discovery to find my why. More specifically finding my passion, that one thing that will keep you up late and get you up early in the morning. The journey has long been under way but has only just begun in earnest. I started this blog in conjunction the the Live Your Legend blog challenge as a way of finding my why. If you would like to follow my journey please do.


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