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Might As Well Jump

The biggest risk I would like to take would be a career change. If it were to happen it would possibly mean a move to a different city but no interstate. Its the fear of the unknown, would I like the career long term? Where would I move too? Can I afford it and the cost of moving? Could I cope with the stress?

There would be a period of being away for training, that is even if I make it through the initial recruitment process. Would I have the full support of my family and partner?  The only real thing that is anchoring  myself here is my family, they all live here and family is a big deal for myself. In reality these days with technology the move wouldn’t be the longest ever.

Its a case of the unknown and unknowable. Can I make it work? Can I keep up the physical effort until the position becomes open? Am I committed enough?

What would have to happen to make me comfortable in taking it?

Support from loved ones and friends. Not just lip service but actual support. Maybe speaking to someone who has make the exact leap I’m going too. Someone to tell me it will be ok and will work out in the end, I do have a fear of totally effing things up. Which won’t be forth coming as only 2 people who know and I’m not really comfortable in telling anyone else in the event that it doesn’t happen.

I’ll just have to stay the course and see how I fair.


About My random thoughts

I'm on a journey of self discovery to find my why. More specifically finding my passion, that one thing that will keep you up late and get you up early in the morning. The journey has long been under way but has only just begun in earnest. I started this blog in conjunction the the Live Your Legend blog challenge as a way of finding my why. If you would like to follow my journey please do.


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